[Advanced Formula] - dripRX Sweat Enhancing & Recovery Gel helps to kickstart thermogenic activity during exercise and is packed with specially formulated ingredients that can help fight muscle fatigue, calm inflammation, protect, and replenish skin with potent antioxidants.
[Get In Motion] 
dripRX was meticulously formulated to help fighters (MMA, Boxing, Wrestling) who are cutting weight, so you know it can help you shed those unwanted lbs or exterminate those stubborn, slow responding areas. dripRX is designed to substantially improve circulation & sweating and works best during cardio (running, biking, jumping rope, hitting mitts, hitting the bag), circuit, interval, and any high intensity training. Specifically developed for fight camp to enhance your weight cut during workouts by accelerating your warm-up and kickstarting your recovery time.

COCONUT Sweat Enhancing BURN Gel

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